Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cover Reveal: FISSURE by Marilyn Almodovar

The Book: FISSURE (Chronicles of the Interred, Book #2)
The Author: Marilyn Almodovar
The Publisher: Iambe Books, LLC
The Release Date: May 20, 2014


Baxter Jacobs just survived the worst Sweet Sixteen in history: buried in a coffin, hunted down by assassins, and losing almost everything that mattered to her. She’s ready for some normalcy, but “normal” won’t play any part of this Time Bender’s future.
Now that the immediate threat is over, Baxter learns just how much the English Council expects of the newest Interred. The pressure has her seriously considering her uncle’s offer to take her to New York, especially since she thinks it will keep her Healer, Jack, from overusing his abilities. Knowing the New York Council’s ranks are filled with beings using dark powers, however, makes her hesitate.

Before she can choose, the decision is wrenched from her. Fissures in Time result in a new battle with an old enemy. Someone she thought she’d lost reenters her life, and she’ll discover a web of lies woven into the fabric of Time…lies only she can unravel. Baxter will have to use her growing abilities to try and reveal the truth, even if it forever changes the reality she knows.

About the Author:

Marilyn Almodóvar is the author of a series of YA paranormal novels. Born in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, Lyn is a lover of words whose reading tastes range from Victorian novels to the books of Stephen King. Her favorite past-times have always been reading and writing, two activities that let her escape to other worlds.
Lyn could happily exist breathing the clean air of Narnia, trapped in a cupboard under the stairs with Harry, fighting alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, doing an internship in Torchwood, or traveling around time and space with the long as she can have Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Captain Mal as companions.

She currently lives in Central Florida with her French husband, English-born eldest son, and French-born youngest son.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Month, Book Hungry is DANGEROUS

The Author: Abigail Haas
The Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: July 16, 2013
Book Hungry Biotch Who Chose this Month's Selection: Abs

Summary (as taken from Amazon):
It’s Spring Break of senior year. Anna, her boyfriend Tate, her best friend Elise, and a few other close friends are off to a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives.

But when Elise is found brutally murdered, Anna finds herself trapped in a country not her own, fighting against vile and contemptuous accusations. As Anna sets out to find her friend’s killer, she discovers harsh revelations about her friendships, the slippery nature of truth, and the ache of young love.

Awaiting the judge’s decree, it becomes clear to Anna that everyone around her thinks she is not only guilty, but also dangerous. And when the whole story comes out, reality is more shocking than anyone ever imagined...

My Thoughts:
There are so many things I could say about this book.  The girls of Book Hungry will attest to how I went on and on and on and freaking on about the characters, the situation, the twisty ending that shocked the shoes off many.

But, I'm not going to repeat every rant and rave I had for them because 1) I'd end up writing a damned novel, when you can just read DANGEROUS GIRLS for yourself and 2)every point I can think of to explore will undoubtedly spoil some portion of the book for those who haven't read it.

So let me just say this: I knew from the very beginning who killed Elise.  I saw that coming from miles and miles away.  (if you read the book, you'll get the reference in this last line)

That, however, did not lessen my enjoyment of every f***ed up bit of this tale.  And, let me tell you people, if you think the characters in GONE GIRL were crazy, the co-dependent, borderline obsessive relationship between Anna and Elise will have you on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Monday, February 3, 2014


The Author: Tawna Fenske
The Publisher: Entangled Brazen
Release Date: February 3, 2014  TODAY!!!

She thought she’d sworn off military men for good…

Sam Kercher is every inch a wickedly hot Marine. Tall. Sexy. Lethal. When his best friends call in a favor, Sam is forced to face an entirely new line of duty—playing nanny for their newly divorced sister and her squirming seven-month-old twin boys. If Sam can dissemble an M16 in his sleep, diaper duty should be a cakewalk…right?

Unfortunately, Operation Nanny isn’t quite that simple. Sheridan has sworn off overbearing military men, so Sam must protect her from her dirtbag ex without revealing just how much he has in common with her brothers. Or that he’s been ordered not to touch her. Ever. Problem is, Sheri’s one hell of a gorgeous woman, capable of making this hard-bodied Marine even harder. 

And Sam wants her bad.

Protect the girl. Care for the babies. Hide his identity. And keep his hands off. But even the most disciplined Marine has weaknesses...and Sheridan is one Sam might not be able to resist.

I admit it.  I do judge books by their covers.  Let's face it, folks.  That first look, those first moments when you set eyes on your next dance partner book, will either make you want to rip their clothes off the cover open and tear into that sucker or put the ole blinders on as you stroll past.

In the case of MARINE FOR HIRE, I was engulfed by equal parts excitement, anxiety, and a whole lot of intrigue. This is not one of Tawna Fenske's usual covers, folks.  Her covers are fun, flirty, and...well, PINK.  Not, that I have anything against pink, but well, it's PINK.  

This cover had me fanning myself (whew! lookit those abs!) and more than a little worried (does this more titillating cover mean we won't get that signature Fenske humor?)


And, I'm so glad I did.  No humor was sacrificed in the making of this book.  Lines like, Looks like you managed at f*** all the beet off me and Abs like that could bring any woman to her knees. A convenient place to be, actually had me giggle-snorting throughout the tale.

It's not just the comedic timing you know and love Fenske for that makes this a fun, fast read.  Within this book, there is the story of two people, damaged in their own ways, struggling to find balance in their own chaotic worlds.  Of course, they fall in love.

But, happily, **SPOILER ALERT** they both figure their own shit out SEPARATELY before finding their happily ever after.  I like that part best, that Sam didn't swoop in and save the day for Sheri and she wasn't the one who finally convinced Sam that he wasn't as bad a marine as he believed himself to be.

I would've liked to have seen a little more of Sam's time with the twins, maybe another hilarious care-taking scene.  Jonathan Price aka Lt. Limpdick came off a little two-dimensional.  I'm sure there was something Sheri had to have found charming about him at some point to have married him and bore his children, but I never saw it.  And as a girl who loves a good tragedy, I would've definitely been ecstatic to delve further into the incident that left Sam on leave and questioning his own worth, both as a marine and a man.

These are very small nitpicks in an otherwise fabulous book.  It was fast-reading (I finished it in just six hours, and that was with interruptions) and sprinkled with the kind of snicker-snort inducing fun we all love Fenske for.

The characters were well-developed with their own charming quirks.  Sheri is not a normal mom, and I for one, love that she's not. I rolled on the floor laughing at Sam's diaper-changing fiasco (I got your back, buddy. Semper fi.).  And, dammit, Mac and Kelli need to have their story told, too!

Four mommy chips for MARINE FOR HIRE.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Buy it. NOW!

Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads

And, since it is ManCandyMonday, I can't leave you all without a little something, something.  Behold! Sam! 
That big burly piece of man candy front and center, not that dude behind him. #justsayin
Now, you really want to buy this book, huh? ;)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Conversations with THE GRANDMOTHER

So, I've regaled you fun folks with some of my convos with THE MOTHER, but today, I'm going to give a rare treat in the form of a rundown of my phone call with my grandmother.

Now, I must preface this dialogue by telling you that my grandmother has come up with a few doozies over the years.  She once wrote in a book, "Know your cab driver" then explained to both me an the mother that none of the crap that happened in that book would've happened if the main character hadn't gotten in the cab in the first place.  Hard to argue her point there.  

This is also the woman who when asked how the weather was up in her neck of the woods once told me, "It's as clear as a pineapple outside."  I'm still trying to decipher that one.

So, I guess the following conversation shouldn't have come as a surprise.

The Grandmother: I didn't hear from you yesterday.  Does that mean you got some writing done?

Me: Yes, I wrote over four thousand words yesterday! (I was pretty impressed with myself.)

The Grandmother: Um...and how many pages is that?

Me:  I don't know.  Probably about sixteen or twenty, depending on how many words per page.

The Grandmother:  And, are you writing a mystery this time?

Me: Umm...(This is something both she and The Mother always ask...mostly because mystery is by far our favorite, mine included, genre to read), it's not.  Mysteries are hard, grandmother.  I WANT to write one, I do.  But, I don't know.  I start out with a great idea and then it just crumbles.  Maybe, I just want them to be so perfect, I end up over thinking it.

The Grandmother:  Well, I don't know what there is to over think!  You have a guy in the freezer.  *short pause*  And, he's dead.

Me: I'd think that anyone in a freezer for any length of time probably would be dead.

The Grandmother:  Well, there's your story!  See, how easy that was?  

Me: my story is that there's this guy?  In the freezer?  Who's probably dead?  I don't know, grandmother.  What else?

The Grandmother: Well, I don't know.  You're the writer, but the rest should be easy enough to figure out.

Me: Umm...

The Grandmother:  You know who the guy in the freezer is?  He's the cab driver!  That would explain why we haven't seen him in a while.

Me:  The cab driver?  He's dead?!? In the freezer?

The Grandmother:  It all makes perfect sense now!

Me: It's as clear as a pineapple.

The Grandmother: Exactly.

There you go, folks.  My next book all laid out for you.  Courtesy of The Grandmother.  Do you think she'll expect a cut when it's published?