Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For my next trick, I shall TEASE...

Here we go again. First, I'd like to thank all my lovelies that follow me and comment on my posts, teases or not. You always make me feel better when I'm strongly considering throwing a pity party for myself. I heart each and every one of you!!

Now, on with the show. Yes, I am still teasing from my gnome-infested novel, THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. And, no, it is nowhere near completion. Felix keeps messing up my outline, the little bastard :(

This scene comes shortly after last week's snip. Jacki leaves Felix at her house so she can get to school, but an innocent morning greeting to Mari Calpher (the scary half of the Redrum twins) turns into a confrontation Jacki really isn't prepared for, especially after all the craziness that has happened so far.


**snip! snap! thanks for the feedback! you guys are made entirely of AWESOME!!**