Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Somebody Stop Me!!!

Okay, so I am being pulled in a thousand different directions right now. I am vacillating between TWO equally wonderful WIPs and now, I'm being assaulted from all sides by a gaggle of SNIs...one of which is a sequel to the suspense novel I wrote last year entitled FIRST INSTINCT (check sidebar for description).

So, instead of beating you over the head with yet another tag-team tease, I decided to give you a little taste of the world according to Charlie Pryce, the most reluctant psychic you will ever meet.


I slowed the car to barely a crawl as the bridge crept into view. I peered anxiously over the steering wheel. It was now getting late, almost full dark, which reduced visibility to almost nothing, but I saw no approaching headlights.

Pulling in a deep breath and sending up a quick prayer, I maneuvered the car up onto the bridge. Slowly, ever so slowly, I directed the station wagon across, my hands locked in a white-knuckled death-grip around the wheel. I was halfway across the bridge when a pair of bright, bright headlights flashed out in front of me, blinding me.

“Ahhhh!” I groaned, squinting against the brightness. I honked my horn and flipped my high beams on and then off in quick successions to let the other driver know that he had his brights on.

The other car was headed right for me! And, it wasn’t slowing down.

Fear plowed through me. What was I going to do? He was headed right for me, with no sign that he was slowing. I honked the horn wildly and in my panic, I slammed my foot on the gas.

Get off the bridge! Get off the bridge!

But the other car was faster. We were going to collide! At the last minute, something inside me made me jerk the wheel sharply to the right. I heard a horrible screech fill the air as metal rubbed up against metal. I was rocked in my seat. Then the car turned, teetering as if on a seesaw that wasn’t quite sure in which direction it was going to go.

In the next moment, I was falling. My head hit the steering wheel, and I let out a pain-filled cry. Icy, frigid cold was suddenly surrounding me, making me realize that the car was now in the river.

And, I was about to die.

Now, somebody stop me from going forward with the sequel. Someone, please tackle me, screaming "No sequels till you sell the first! Don't do it!" Somebody? Anybody? Bueller?