Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dude, Where's My TEASE?

I seriously forgot all about it being Tuesday. Like, really...I honestly thought today was Wednesday, to the point that I was looking for the Road-Trip Wednesday topic. GAH! How could I forget something as important as Teaser Tuesday?

Anywho, this week's tease comes courtesy of Jenna, Dallas, and Austin's love triangle in my current work-in-progress LOVE IN A TIME OF POPULARITY. Enjoy!

As I closed the distance between our houses, I noticed that Austin’s muscle car was jacked up in the driveway, the hood propped up, and him lying beneath it.

“Having car trouble?” I asked, nudging him with my foot to get his attention.

“What?” Gripping the underside of the car, he rolled himself out so that he could see who was kicking at him. “Hey, Jenny. What’s up?” He sat up on and wiped his hands on a grease-stained rag he’d had shoved in his pocket. “You look nice,” he whistled softly under his breath. “You’re hair’s all,” he waved his own hands around his head. “Poofy and curly. Looks good.”

“Uh…thanks,” I stuttered out, tongue-tied and face flushed.

He rummaged in his toolbox and then rolled himself back under the car. Apparently, that one compliment was about all I was going to get out of him today. I started to head into the house when he spoke again.

“So, you have a hot date or something?”

“No, just taking the girls to the mall.” At his disbelieving snort, I elaborated. “Cindy was being a little demanding when she asked. Well, more like she told me that I was going to take her—“

“Ouch,” he cut in with a snicker. “So, you decided to take your time and make her wait? Very vindictive of you. I’m impressed.”

“Impressed about what?”

I whirled around to see Dallas strolling toward us. He halted mid-stride, his eyes widening as he took in my appearance, his gaze sweeping over me from top to bottom. “Uh…hey, Jenna,” he mumbled. “Cindy and PJ said you were taking them to the mall.”

“Yeah,” I instantly perked up at the idea of having a friend of my own to wander the mall with instead of trailing behind Cindy like a bodyguard or a chauffer. “You want to come with?”

“Great!” Austin piped in from under the car. “Dal, you can get the part my baby needs.” He slid out from under the car again and sat up. “I need you to stop—“ He halted mid-sentence, staring in horrified fascination at Dallas’ bare feet. “What the Hell did you do to your feet? You’re toes are pink!”

We all looked down.

“That’s not pink,” I told Austin, matter-of-factly. “It’s Purple Passion.” For some reason I couldn’t quite figure out, I was absurdly happy that Dallas hadn’t scrubbed the polish off his feet last night. Although, it was kind of weird seeing such a feminine color gracing his toes.

“Purple Passion?” he choked out.

“Yeah,” I wiggled my own flip-flopped foot in front of his face. “Purple Passion.”

“Dude! You let a girl paint your toes?” He flashed his hand in the air like he was cracking a whip, making the sound effect to go with it. “And pink, too.”

“Purple passion.” Dallas grumbled before stalking away muttering about how Austin could get his own damned part for his damned baby.

“Well,” Austin said to me when he got his laughter under control. “I guess I shouldn’t have poked fun at him until after he came back with my part, huh?”

I couldn’t help but smile at that. “It wasn’t very nice of you.” I agreed.

“Seriously, though,” he told me, soberly. “How did you convince him to let you paint his toes pink? Purple Passion, I know.” He amended before I could correct him.

I just shrugged. “I was bored, and he let me.”

Hmm,” he stared at me for so long, I started to fidget under his close scrutiny. Then, he blew out a heavy breath and rolled his shoulders. “Well, since I’m on my own parts-wise, mind if I tag along?”

I shook my head, carelessly. “Not at all.” Inside, I was teeming with nervous energy and giddiness at having Austin along, even if he was only going because Dallas refused to help him. It was just more time I’d get to spend with this hot boy.

His answering grin was wide and blinding. “Great. Just let me get cleaned up, and I’ll be ready to go. Thanks, Jenny.”

“It’s Jenna,” I corrected, but he’d already disappeared into the house.