Monday, July 12, 2010

Voyeuristic Tendencies...

As a writer, I often feel like a Peeping Tom. Seriously. I have this wonderfully quirky set of characters that as time goes on, I get to know rather well...almost like they're my friends. I've laughed with them (and at them), cried with them, been angry for them and with them. In short, I've bonded with them.

And then, it happens.

Your MC has that breakthrough moment of naked, raw emotions that leaves you--and hopefully the reader--reeling. Your character is exposed...sometimes figuratively and/or sometimes literally.

And you feel like such a lecher...a voyeur...a Peeping Tom...or if like me, you write mainly YA, a pedophile.

You're sitting on your perch far removed from the fallout, and admit it, you're enjoying watching them go through Hell...or if they have no clothes on Heaven. What does that say about me? OMG friends! I should be in jail! This is so not good....

Eh...excuse me while I'm getting outfitted for my prison stripes. Will I see any of you in the clink, too?