Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friends Who Live in My Computer

Now, hold on. Before you go calling the men in white coats to take me away to a padded cell where I will gleefully eat jello and drool onto my pajamas for the rest of my life, please hear me out! ....Although the whole pajamas and jello thing sounds nice...uh...minus the drooling, that is.

I'm talking about those people you meet while skulking in the shadows of Twitter, blogs, and various online writing communities, who for better or for worse have pulled you into the sunshine to play. You know the ones. Those people that you have never once met in "real" life, but you feel as if you have known for centuries. Your friends.

I, myself, have been lucky enough to find some wonderful people in my computer. (No, they don't actually live INSIDE my computer. That would just be weird.) We swap 140-character rants. We tease each other mercilessly. Some of us even gloat, gleefully tormenting the rest of us with their recent techno-type purchases. (I'm not naming any names, but her initials are Kelly Breakey)

We also discuss our favorite thing above all else: Books. Hey, we even formed a book club (see sidebar), and if any of you fun followers are interested in joining us, please contact me or any of the others and we will welcome you into the fold. (The hazing is minimal....well, you won't be scarred for, I'm probably lying about that)

And, when (notice I said when here not IF) I'm ever blue from the constant whirl of rejection that is Query Hell or even just the torment that is real life, I know that these ladies (and gentlemen) will be there to pick me up, dust me off, and say "You can do this!"

Thanks, guys!! You all rock!, that I'm done being maudlin, I must think of something snarky to say or else you all are going to think I've become a Sappy Sally!
Uh...I like honey...yeah, okay. That didn't work. Don't worry! I'll figure it out...eventually. Until then, stay tuned :)