Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A TEASE By Any Other Name...

So, Karla has been BAD! Not a single word written since last week's tease. Not a one...well, unless you count the nonsense I spew on Twitter. Then, I've written enough to fill volumes. Yes, friends. I have become addicted. I just can't help it. Twitter is like crack for me. Wonderful, intoxicating crack. Ahhhhhh....

Uh...wait. Where were we again? Oh, right. TEASE. This snip is still from my current WiP that just won't die already. Yes, this scene from LOVE IN A TIME OF POPULARITY comes on the heels of the carnival scene. You know the one where Dallas won Jenna a giant panda? It's the next day, actually, and Austin and Dallas have come over to Jenna's house to play in her pool.


“So,” he said after a few moments of silence in which we just watched the antics going on in the pool. “How’s Mr. Panda enjoying his new home? Is he making the transition okay?”

I snorted. “Well, you know there’s always a period of adjustment.” I heaved out a dramatic sigh. “He’s afraid of the dark, terrified really, which is funny considering how big he is.”

He nodded sympathetically. “Even big guys can be a little scared sometimes.”

“Yeah, well he ended up crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night. He’s a pillow hog, and he steals the covers.”

“Bad Mr. Panda,” Dallas chortled.

“You didn’t have to sleep with him!”

“Well, at least he didn’t have gas…wait, he didn’t, did he?”

“Thank god no!” We both broke into giggles at that. Our laughter drew Austin’s gaze over to us and he smiled.

“You two coming back in, or are you going to be anti-social?” He called.

I thought for a moment. “Anti-social,” I yelled back.

Dallas grinned at his brother and then took another swig of his lemonade.

“So Dallas,” I began. “And Austin.”

He nodded.

I rolled my hand in the air between us, pressing the question without having to speak.

“Born in Texas.” He told me. “You know we’re twins, not identical of course.”

I rolled my eyes. “Kind of hard to miss.”

His lips twitched up at the corners as if he was trying to hold in a laugh, and failing miserably.

“Well, Dad was stationed in Dallas at the time we were born, but Mom was in Austin visiting my aunt when she went into labor.” He shrugged. “So, Austin was named for the city we were born in—“

“And you were named for the city you lived in.” I finished.

He nodded. “Six more months and we would have been named Fort and Bragg.”

Another round of laughter peeled out of me. “Can I call you Braggy for short?”

“Not if you expect me to answer.” He deadpanned.

One thing about Dallas. He never failed to make me laugh. In fact, my sides were already beginning to hurt. “So, what about PJ?” I had to ask.

“Hawaii.” He answered. “PJ is short for Pearl June.”

“But, Pearl Harbor is a naval base.” I pointed out, confused. “I thought your dad was army.”

“Rangers,” he clarified. “Yeah, we were at Fort Shafter then.” One brow quirked up, and he smirked at me. “My mom may be a little nuts about naming her kids where we’ve been, but even she couldn’t name her daughter Shaft.”

Now, I really couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard. “I certainly hope not!” I gasped out between guffaws. When I finally got my chuckles under control, I poured myself a cup of lemonade and topped off his. “I take it PJ was born in June?” At his nod, I continued. “So, does that make your middle name March?”

“Close,” he chuckled.

“May?” I snickered. “Oh, please tell me it’s May!”

“You wish.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s August, and before you ask, no Austin’s middle name isn’t August, too. Or Thursday for that matter.” He didn’t wait for me to verbalize the question before he answered it. “It’s David…Dad’s name.”

He eyes turned sad then, and I reached out to squeeze his hand. “You miss him, don’t you?” I whispered.

He lifted his shoulders in a shrug that tried desperately to be careless but fell short by a mile. “He was gone a lot anyway.”