Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why Yes, I am a TEASE

Yet another installment from my feel-good cancer-ific piece, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.  Instead, of making you all sad and despondent AGAIN, this is a little on the lighter, fluffier side of my dark, ofttimes, depressing tale.  (Oh, and pay attention at the end for an additional chance to win my FRIDAY FIVE contest that is still open)


**snip! snip!**
Okay, now....TWO things.  Why?  Because, with me, there are always two things :) 
First, head over to my blog buddy/twitter bestie Kelly's blog for the first installment of our Round Robin Writing Experiment, FUN AND GAMES WITH K & K.  (Don't forget.  My installment will be here on Thursday!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS)
Secondly, if you can guess what poem Kal read to Mia in this snip, your name will be entered TWO additional times in my FRIDAY FIVE giveaway.  (HINT:  While I am by no means a poetry expert, there are a handful of classic poems that really speak to me.  This story was inspired (in part) by this poem, and if you read closely, it is referred to in the dialogue between Mia and Kal)